D7 Code Sprint - June 28th

Examiner.com will host an all-day sprint on Monday after Camp at it's headquarters in Downtown Denver at 555 17th Street, Denver CO. We'll provide lunch (probably pizza) and sodas. We would like to focus on the 50 or so remaining critical core bugs.

We'd love to get a sense of how many people would like to attend. It would be super if you could comment on this post indicating interest.

  • Where are we? Google Map to the Code Sprint.
  • What time will we start? 10 am MT
  • How do I get into the office? An Examiner representative will be down in the lobby at 10 am, otherwise call me at 720-254-1546. The offices are access controlled.

Coffee and Pastries

We will also have coffee and pastries in the morning.

I'm interested in attending

I'm interested in attending the code sprint.

in after lunch

I'll join, but probably won't be till after 1pm.

I'll be there!

I'll be there!