How to categorize newbie sessions?

I posted a newbie session on using CCK and fiddling with the default display settings for fields and for nodes in general. I wasn't sure how to categorize this, though, as the only track that it kind of fits in is "Development." However, it's not really a developer lesson... more like a "Site Builder Lite" session. Should newbie sessions still be classified here or was "Development" meant to be more targeted?

Similarly, I'm proposing a

Similarly, I'm proposing a session on Drupal Commerce now but don't know if that fits under "Business" or "Development." Are there descriptions of the tracks somewhere that I've missed?


We talked about this in #drupal-colorado and the consensus was this is all development. I think business is more about the business of making sites than business via sites, and site building is just a beginner level of development.