Rooms Needed/Offered

Do you have a room, couch or air mattress that an out of town camper can use?
Are you an out of town camper who needs a place to crash for a couple nights?

Post needs, offers, or useful lodging information here.

I've got a guest bedroom open

I've got a guest bedroom open and could host 1 or 2 campers. And of course, I'm attending so rides to and from drupalcamp wouldn't be a problem... and i'm close to a light rail station and denver bike station if you need other transportation options.

Could use a place to stay

Just me if you still have space.

I would be coming in from Ames, Iowa on Friday night and leaving on Monday morning. No problem with pets. Rides would be great though I'll likely have a car. Thanks, Wil

All yours


The guest room is all yours. i did forget to mention i have a cat... that surprisingly looks a lot like the cat in your avatar (minus the chicken hat). I'll email you with details.

Thanks a lot Jason

I look forward to meeting you.

I have a guest bedroom with a futon

It's pretty small, but could fit 2 if you like to sleep close. I can give you a ride to/from if you don't mind following my schedule, which is likely to involve going early and/or staying late. I'm also close to light rail. And my neighbors are better than jyee's.

(Note: I don't actually know jyee's neighbors, but I feel like we're making very similar offers, so I should make mine look better.)

I have a room with a queen bed

I have a room that can be used by a person or couple for drupalcamp. It has one queen bed. Our house is located in Wheat Ridge (West Denver very close to Golden). 30 mins car and 40 mins or so by bus from the venue.

I will be attending drupalcamp and do not have a problem providing a ride to and from the event. I tend to not stay late but reserve the right to always change my mind.

Please Note: I own a very affectionate cat and a LARGE dog so if your scared of dogs or allergic to cats or dogs this would not be the happiest place for you.

and free wifi ;-P


Hi Christopher,

Is this still available? I'll be flying in from PA on Thursday and leaving on Tuesday and would be interested in the room if the extra two days wouldn't be a problem for you. I'll have a rental car so I can do some hiking on the off days and set my own schedule for the conference.

Thanks, Michelle


I will email you my contact info.