Interview with Advomatic

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal?

Advomatic builds websites for good causes using exclusively Drupal. We specialize in Strategy Consulting, Website Development, Support and Hosting.

How did you first get involved in Drupal development?

We started on the Howard Dean Presidential Campaign. I was managing our internet presence in Iowa, and Aaron Welch, my business partner, was brought on to build our volunteer organization system in DeanSpace, a iteration of Drupal that later became CivicSpace. We hit it off, and then people kept asking us to build websites. So we really had no choice but to start Advomatic using Drupal as our platform.

What type of work and/or websites do you specialize in?

Our clients are mostly progressive non-profit advocacy organizations, but we also do work for a variety of private, commercial and government organizations as well. Some of our recent launches include Equality on Trial, The NY State Senate, TckTckTck, ItsASickness and After School Path Finder.

What are you most looking forward to at DrupalCamp Colorado?

I'm looking forward to sharing and collecting best practices with other Drupal shops, and talking to organizations that want to use Drupal the best way to find a reliable vender client relationship. Also can't wait to see the cool new things happening in Drupal 7.

Is there anything else you'd like our attendees to know?

We just launched, in partnership with Chapter Three, managed hosting and end user support for Pantheon Mercury, which can make your Drupal site scale faster and cheaper. Talk to me at Camp to learn more about it.