Interview with BWBacon Group

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal?

We are a technology staffing and recruiting agency, and so we provide both contract and project support as well as permanent placement recruiting services. We work with Drupal b/c many of our clients need our Drupal resources and we have seen an increased demand for Drupal resources from our clients. This is one of the main reasons we're here at this event.

How did you first get involved in Drupal development?

It's hard to say if our involvement with Drupal development happened overnight, or if it evolved over time... In many respects, it is both overnight and over time! Our foundation is deeply rooted in providing more backend, enterprise software and database support with PeopleSoft and Oracle applications. That's how we started and grew a strong reputation. Our client and candidate base in that broad technology area is very mature, and we have enjoyed tremendous success in that area. But this evolved with our clients, as much as it did with our candidates, where both started to reach out to us for help in more front end development and on the web. When BWB restructured early this year, it has been in the web services area where we have experienced the most growth and this especially hold true with Drupal development services and placements.

What are you most looking forward to at DrupalCamp Colorado?

Without doubt it is in meeting new people. We have a lot of opportunities for talented resources, both contract and full time, so we'll be looking for available resources or developers on the move. We'll also be hoping to identify some new clients and partners who could use our help.