Interview with Microsoft

Drupal & Microsoft

Microsoft is committed to helping Drupal developers build dynamic Web solutions on Windows and IIS. Check out some of the great new technical resources and business benefits designed to take your business to new heights:

  • Web Application Gallery: Download Drupal using the Web Platform Installer along with powerful web server extensions and other valuable utilities to make running Drupal on Windows and IIS easier and more capable than ever.

Interview with Page1Solutions

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal?

Page1Solutions is a web marketing firm for the legal and medical fields. We provide a range of services for our clients including: fully custom website design and development, custom video production, search engine marketing utilizing comprehensive optimization, pay per click, online public relations, and more. Drupal has proven to be a versatile tool, for both content management and custom development, helping us meet two of our biggest client demands.

Interview with Denver DataMan

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal?

Denver DataMan uses Drupal in order to build applications for our clients that make them more efficient. We also build websites for companies that want to be able to manage their own content and become more self-sufficient. Our training services differentiate us from many of our competitors and this is what keeps our clients coming back.

Our Drupal training services are focused on the features that each client needs and on the specific installation that each client has. We have done training on stock Drupal installations, custom installations and custom modules. We work with our clients to understand their workflows and often help them to smooth the edges of their existing Drupal sties to be more usable.

Lost items?

Did you lose something at the camp this last weekend?

Items we collected:

  • stainless steel water bottle
  • sunglasses (1 pair)
  • black sweatshirt hoodie
  • green hat

Use the contact form and let us know if one of these is yours!

Interview with CMS Website Services

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal?

CMS Quick Start creates advanced Drupal themes and Turn-Key Drupal website packages that you can use to launch attractive, end user ready Drupal sites in minutes. Each package comes with a premium theme, Drupal core and contributed modules, and includes an installer that automatically configures your site with useful functionality upon installation. The result: you save time and money and can focus on adding your content instead of designing and building a new Drupal site from scratch.

Interview with Pixel Apropos

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal?

For people who already have a website up and running (or sort of running), we do consulting, troubleshooting and development, and we implement some of our suggestions. We also work with other development companies to provide specific solutions, particularly Drupal theming.

How did you first get involved in Drupal development?

The nonprofit Brian was working for (Teaming for Technology Colorado) needed a new website. Brian started to write a CMS from scratch and decided there must be a better way.

Interview with Face The State

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal

Face The State produces investigative reporting covering state and local politics in Colorado. Our site has been Drupal-powered since we began, and we upgraded to D6 this spring. It's a powerful CMS that allows us to easily roll out new features while keeping most IT tasks in-house.

How did you first get involved in Drupal development?

A consultant identified Drupal as the best CMS for our needs when our site first launched; in the last 3 years we've been able to do more and more of our own development by leveraging CCK, views and content templates. Up next is integrating more of our back-end tasks through bootstrapping and drush.

Interview with WebEnabled

What does your shop do and how do you work with Drupal?

WebEnabled is a Drupal development platform. Developers and agencies using WebEnabled see a minimum of 50% gain in their productivity.

How did you first get involved in Drupal development?

We got involved with building sites with Drupal 4.

What type of work and/or websites do you specialize in?

WebEnabled can be used by Drupal developers to build small or large sites.

DrupalCamp Colorado sponsorship opportunities still available!

We still have room for additional sponsors for DrupalCamp Colorado 2010! The final Platinum sponsor slot is open to the first organization to respond. Slots at the other levels are available too.

For more information about sponsorship levels and benefits, visit the Become a Sponsor page. Already interested in becoming an organizational sponsor? Let us know using our contact form. Want to become an individual sponsor?

Session schedule

We've selected the sessions, with the help of your vote, which will be presented at DrupalCamp Colorado in Denver this June 26 & 27th. You can see the schedule at


Saturday begins at 8:45am for registration checkin and ends a bit after 6pm. Lunch is 1.5 hours both days. Thirty six sessions have been selected for this Camp! We'll also have some social parties planned around the event, more on that later this week.