Creating a new administration paradigm

Drupal's current administration system is largely monolithic, come see how we can break these administration tools down into more contextually relevant administration interfaces on demand, and how we can make administering drupal sites easy for the uninitiated.

Utilizing the context_admin module, we'll delve into the potential for contextually relevant administration in your drupal 6 sites today, how to "take" these administrations with you via Features and show some examples of the current module's existing capabilities.

These capabilities include:

  • Creating Specific Types of Content
  • Administering Specific Types of Content
  • Editing Taxonomy Terms From Their Pages
  • Administering Entire Vocabularies (edit, add term, list terms)
  • Automatic Node Referencing
  • Menu Sub Pages
  • Creating Users

If time permits we'll even discuss the plugin architecture for building your own administrative tools.

Saturday, 6/26
Time Slot:
9:45am - 10:45am
NC #1535 Commerce Guys
Skill Level:

Could you please post your

Could you please post your slides?